Pintertest #1!

I was going to sit here and write about our recent trip to Texas but realized there’s not much to tell. It was great, the weather was nice, and I survived the plane trip! It was much needed and much appreciated.

I decided to start doing some Pintertests. For those who don’t know Pinterest is a website where you can find recipes, DIY’s, and all things really. A Pintertest is where I take something found on Pinterest and see if it works or it it’s worth the time, effort, or money. Please, if there is anything you want to see tested from Pinterest let me know! So without further ado, here is this week’s Pintertest.



I saw this pin about making a week’s worth of healthy egg muffins at home and I had to try it! Here is what I used:


I only made six because I didn’t want to waste all of my farm fresh eggs if these didn’t turn out! I made two with spinach, two with cheese and onion, and two with ham.


Now, I do have to say I’m very picky about my eggs. The whites must be cooked through and I hate when they are rubbery. So I’m just wanting to see if these taste good and are clearly cost efficient! The prep took less than five minutes. It was so easy. Just plop what you want in the muffin tin and add the egg. This was so easy you guys. How did I not know how to make these? Here’s the finished product straight out of the oven!


Now, for a glorious picture of me taste testing! I tried the spinach one!


Guys! I cannot tell you enough how good this was! The egg white was completely cooked, the yolk was soft boiled, no runniness, and the spinach cooked evenly on the bottom of the pan! We are definitely going to love having these to grab and heat up on those up and go days!

This recipe was reviewed by me. I did not create this recipe but found it here:

All pictures in this blog are my own and may not be used without my permission.


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